Ground Bars

-11 centerless grinding machines

-2 bar straightening machines

-3 burnishing machines

-5 automatic bar feeding systems

Extensive bar stock inventory:

Laurel Steel
low carbon bars

Schmolz & Bickenbach
SMQ stainless bars

-Nationwide supplier network

Our comprehensive inventory and machine capacity enables us to provide one day service for many of our customers super rush orders.

Professionally straightened and centerless ground barstock enable our customers to accelerate their machining speeds, increase throughput and reduce their overall production costs.

Bar Grinding

Centerless Bar Grinding

Size range: diameter .030" - 1.5"

length < 17'

Capability: tolerance .0002"

finish 8 Ra

Straightness capability .002 "/' TIR



Bar Straightening

Size range: diameter .093"-1.0"

length 3' - 17'

Straightness capability .002 "/' TIR




Size range: diameter < 1"

finish 4 Ra